This is the List of the Best Crypto Wallets

Crypto wallet or bitcoin wallet is a container for storing various cryptocurrency assets. Of course, the asset in question is not just bitcoin, but also other assets ranging from Ethereum to Binance Coin. When using a crypto wallet, you will receive a private key to authenticate crypto transactions. Make sure you store the private key safely so that no one else can find out.

In addition, there are several types of crypto wallets, namely physical, hardware, and mobile. All three have their own advantages and disadvantages, so consider them carefully when choosing a crypto wallet.

Collecting crypto assets is very different from other assets, because the whole process is done digitally. Unlike fiat money or paper money, crypto money has no physical form, which makes it only stored in a digital wallet or can be called a crypto wallet. 

Crypto assets stored in the wallet can be cashed out, but the process is slightly different from the usual way of transacting money in general. The following is a list of the best crypto wallets that we recommend.


The first recommendation is MetaMask. MetaMask is a crypto wallet that is widely used to store crypto money. The popularity of this wallet is increasing as more and more crypto players have invested with Ethereum (ETH). MetaMask itself doesn’t only function as a wallet for crypto wallets, because this platform is an application that has a wallet as part of its features, apart from an internal browser. Apart from functioning to store crypto money, MetaMask can also be used to be able to store other digital assets, in the form of NFT collections, which can be traded using crypto money.

As a wallet made specifically for storing crypto money or ETH tokens, MetaMask also has a very simple interface design, with menus that are quite easy to use. The security system is quite high, including using a fingerprint scanner to be able to access it.


Coinbase’s crypto wallet is one of our top crypto wallet recommendations because of its popularity, as well as the features it has. This wallet is one of the most frequently used to be able to store various types of popular crypto money such as BTC, ETH, and Litecoin. For crypto players in the world who prefer to transact using USD fiat currency, then Coinbase is one of the most appropriate choices to use. However, if the goal is to exchange crypto money into Rupiah, then this is not recommended. Coinbase uses the services of an exchange platform to convert crypto money into currencies other than USD, so that users will be charged a small or expensive fee. Moreover, to be exchanged to Rupiah, which you think is not worth it. even so,

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is well-known for its speed and security, apart from that, this crypto wallet has also worked with various types of applications to be used as a credible official transaction method. The security system has a biometric system, so users can use a fingerprint sensor to access it. A security option that makes its users feel safe to store their crypto assets. Trust Wallet already supports various types of crypto money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Smart Chain, and many others. With all its advantages, it’s no wonder that this crypto wallet is on our recommendation list.


After crypto wallets that are a bit difficult to use like Mist, this Exodus is probably the opposite, because it’s quite easy to use, especially for users who are just getting into the world of trading crypto assets for the first time. The Exodus crypto wallet also uses the ShapeShift system which allows it to be used to carry out trading activities easily, be it between crypto money, or also with fiat money which is the official currency in every country. Even so, it’s a shame that Exodus doesn’t support many types of cryptocurrencies, because the platform can only accept around 100 types of cryptocurrencies. But you don’t need to worry, the types of crypto money available are quite popular types of crypto money such as Ethereum, Golem, Litecoin, to Bitcoin.

Ledger Nano S

The popularity of the Ledger Nano S crypto wallet is increasing along with the increasing number of crypto asset investors and traders using Ethereum (ETH), because of the features and how to use it which is quite easy, including the fee which is not too expensive. As with other crypto wallets, Ledger Nano S, which is a USB-like hardware device, is also famous for its security system which is very difficult to break into. The risk of a user’s account being hacked is very low. The security system itself uses a PIN system. Ledger Nano S supports more than a thousand types of crypto money on the market, starting from Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and many others. It’s no wonder that this crypto wallet is included in our list of the best crypto wallet recommendations.


The Mist crypto wallet may not be very popular among crypto asset owners, because it only accepts two types of cryptocurrencies, namely ETH and ERC20. Naturally, because this one crypto wallet was made directly by the creators of Ethereum. Apart from that, the method of use which is a bit difficult also makes this crypto wallet less popular. Even so, we still include it in the recommended list of the best crypto wallets, not without reason. Mist uses the ShapeShift system which has been integrated directly into its platform, so that it can provide more advantages for its users to buy ETH using other digital currencies (BTC). In addition, users can also make purchases using fiat currency.


The name Blockchain may already be familiar in the crypto world. In fact, this name is the most popular and is often mentioned in almost every topic and discussion of cryptocurrencies. Its main advantage is security in transactions. Blockchain gained its popularity thanks to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and also along with the increasing number of types of digital money, this crypto wallet also accepts various types of crypto currencies ranging from BTC, ETH, DeFi, to Stable Coins and many more.


For users who are more comfortable transacting crypto assets via smartphones, the Mycelium crypto wallet is the right choice because this crypto wallet is specifically made only for Android and iOS mobile devices. The interface design display is also quite simple, with menus and features that are also easy to use. Users can store and send Bitcoin, Ether, Tether USD, USD Coin, and Binance USD crypto money. The types of crypto money that are accepted are indeed very limited, but by using this Mycelium crypto wallet, transactions involving Bitcoin, especially to be exchanged into fiat currency, are very easy to do. The security is guaranteed because it is through a PIN system.